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Al Qurum Complex (CCC): 24560510, 94750435

Muscat Grand Mall: 22060605

Oman Avenues Mall: 22005154

Bareeq Al Shatti: 24699682

Jawaharat Al Shatti: 24697858

Gulf Jewellery House

Gulf Jewellery House is known for providing Oman’s traditional handmade jewellery for the last two decades along with the introduction of new designer jewellery and watches thereby expanding their luxury goods portfolio. Gulf Jewellery House specialises in customised jewellery manufacturing under the supervision of skilled artisans & gold smiths who have been part of the industry for the last four decades.

Gulf Jewellery House’s vision is to expand retail outlets across the Sultanate of Oman, thereby making traditional Khaleeji jewellery available to everyone.

Shop History

Gulf Jewellery House LLC was established in 1992 by Mr. Arunkumar Soni, one of Oman’s successful businessmen. Mr. Arunkumar Soni along with his son Mr. Vatsal Soni – General Manager to Gulf Jewellery House always believed in  “Growing Together” thus they are very much loved & appreciated by their clients and suppliers.

Mr. Arunkumar Soni son of a businessman in India arrived in Muscat in the year 1977 and started as a goldsmith making bangles. In 1993 he opened his first shop in the heart of Muscat city at Capital Commercial Centre better known as C.C.C, with his great belief “Never let anyone go empty handed” made him succeed in his business as customers and suppliers were always happy visiting his shop.

With the arrival of severe storm GONU in 2007 Gulf Jewellery House was completely destroyed, thereby it took almost a year to get back operational. Tremendous support from suppliers & customers in these testing times helped Gulf Jewellery house to rebuild which lead to the commencement of multiple retail outlets across Muscat.

Corporate Portfolio

Gulf Jewellery House does not only cater to commercial customers but is very much involved in corporate dealings.

Our Corporate clientele includes Ministries, Hospitals, E-commerce, Embassies, Construction companies, and other Jewellery outlets

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